Small Group Training

Small Group  Training

Benefit from our expert program design
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Benefits of Group Training

Continuous Progress

Unlike ordinary group classes, our small group training programs are carefully designed with progress in mind. Most group classes are randomly put together with the intention of making clients feel ‘worked’. Fitness results plateau quickly with this method. Our programs provide constant improvement and skill development for the purpose of long term, sustainable results.

Variety of Classes

Different health and fitness goals require different training methods. We use advanced training methods across three different class types to ensure you get the right training combination to suit your goals.

Intimate and Personal

Working out alongside other people on the same health and fitness journey provides the additional support, motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your goals. Our strength sessions are kept between 2 and 8 members. This allows us to maintain high training standards, ensure proper technique and adjust programs for individuals in case of any injury or other circumstances.

Our Group Training

These groups are a great way to constantly upskill and improve your fitness results, while at the same time training alongside likeminded people. The ‘we’re in this together’ vibe is perfect for you if like the extra support or just like training with a bit of banter and some laughs.

There’s no competition, no egos, and certainly no judgement. Our community is everything to us; we choose them carefully and everyone who trains in groups are there because they love being part of a team.

In small group training members sometimes need to be self-lead, therefore we ensure that all group participants have a good understanding of movement patterns and technique, which we teach thoroughly in our introduction packages and 1-1 training session.

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The 4 Week
Fitness Kickstart Program

Maybe you’re feeling unmotivated and stuck in a rut, or maybe it’s just been so long since you’ve exercised that your confidence has gone. Don’t worry, we get it. Which is why we designed this program for you!

Discover how our 4 Week Fitness Kickstart Program is a wonderful opportunity to re-energise and reignite your motivation for fitness (and for life) in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment.

  • Revamp Your Nutrition Approach
  • Learn Solid Technique
  • Build Your Training Foundation
  • Develop A Winning Mindset
Small Group Fitness Program

What Others are saying

“Loving training with the team at The Fitness Partnership – best sessions, always something challenging and different”

– Olivia Geddes

“The team have a fantastic, personable & holistic approach which we thoroughly enjoyed – not only the workouts, but the support, accountability and tools that we have taken away to incorporate into our lifestyles has been priceless!”

– Nick & Shernaali van der Spek

“Thanks!  I owe my change of attitude to you.

It is so true that when you surround yourself with positive like minded people how much happier you can feel”

– Kate Hulsman

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