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With our inspiring online options, you’ll be doing more than surviving in lockdown, you’ll be thriving!

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So, you've decided that now is your time to get fit. But what next? Our friendly, expert trainers will take it from here. They'll give you a call and chat to you about what you're looking for and what you want to achieve.

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We have 3 online training options available. Our expert trainers will help you decide the best fit for you based on your exercise experience, fitness. and lockdown goals. Our flexible packages can be tailored just for you.

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With all of our programs, you can get started straight away. So you can start training anywhere at times that suit you. You won't need any flash equipment and our friendly community will make you feel welcome from your first session.

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...Only one week's notice to cancel

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I'm really enjoying training with TFP and the virtual workout sessions!
The instruction videos are fantastic - you demonstrate each move perfectly so I feel confident in tackling them myself at home
benefits of virtual training

Why Go Virtual...

  • Home training at a time convenient for you
  • Flexible packages with no lock-in contract
  • Exercises tailored to your fitness level and ability
  • Qualified, experienced and motivational instructors
  • Trainers to advise on proper form & technique
  • Experts in the fields of Movement, Mindset and Mobility
  • Fab, friendly & welcoming community

Ladies, are you feeling a bit stuck with your health & fitness right now, and unmotivated by the current restrictions?

We get it! Mainly because it’s totally normal and expected. All the uncertainty of these unprecedented times makes it the hardest time imaginable to be self-motivated and driven.

If you’re finding it hard to stay on track then just keep reading. Because we can help. We’ve been helping women stay grounded, motivated and strong during lockdown by delivering a solid balance of fitness, health and mindset training. 

At The Fitness Partnership we believe that ultimate health is a combination of physical health, mental strength, and genuine connection.

Discover how we can help you move from feeling stuck to feeling stronger and even more confident than you did pre-lockdown.

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Strong, Confident, Motivated



Live Training Pack

Unlimited access to live virtual training – $49 /wk


Every day (excluding Sunday) we’ll go live at the most optimal training times so that you can train with our expert coaches and be kept accountable. You’ll also be able to interact, ask questions and have your exercises tweaked to ensure you’re training right and pain free. You’ll feel like the coaches are in the room there coaching you… 


Our strength sessions are specifically designed to build you muscle during lockdown.

We include 3 x weekly sessions split into Lower body, Upper body and core, and Full body workouts (with the option of heavy lifting sets for those who are more advanced)
We program progressive overload across 6 weeks to gain best results.


Our cardio programs are designed to complement your strength program by boosting results through increasing your baseline fitness, promoting high calorie burn and improved recovery.

You’ll get a fun, energetic workout that will leave you feeling fantastic!


These additional sessions are included in the timetable to further enhance your results and include:

  • Abs of Steel Session
  • Technique & Mobility Session
  • Weekend Warrior Competition Session
Online Lockdown Fitness Training Women

If you can’t make a live session – no stress, we provide you with a daily pre-recorded workout with a demo of each exercise for you to follow at home whenever it’s convenient.


Connection couldn’t be more important right now!  Our live training comes with complimentary access to our exclusive Facebook Community Group where you’ll meet like-minded women who are also on a mission to improve their fitness during lockdown and beyond!

Thanks for the workouts...I'm so excited to get back to my training!

Training Timetable

Lockdown Training Timetable

Ultimate Health Hack Pack

design & perfect your health strategy- $49 /wk

If mental and physical health is just as important to you as fitness, then lockdown is, in all honesty, the greatest opportunity to CRACK YOUR HEALTH more than ever before.

We all know that there isn’t a magic pill that will fix your health overnight and give you everything you want.  But there is a system that will do this – a system of health hacks!  And lockdown is the perfect time to discover what works for you and perfect your health strategy.

In the Ultimate Health Hack Pack, we’ll be exposing the exact formula to boosting energy, health and performance.  This includes EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT into the best daily routine practices, simple nutrition plan, bio hacks, brain optimisation and mindset performance strategies.

And it comes with a guarantee – if you incorporate even just half of these health hacks into your routine, we can 100% guarantee that you will feel more energised and motivated during lockdown.

With the Ultimate Health Hack Pack, you’ll get:

  • Access to daily LIVE videos, health hacks and check-ins 5 x weekly.
  • Health Coaching expertise at your fingertips & daily Q&A
  • ‘Upgrade the brain’ – brain optimisation hacks for the high performer
  • How to redesign life in lockdown for maximum fulfillment
  • Accountability tracking (no hiding in lockdown!)
  • Exclusive mentor-ship in a private Facebook forum
  • A tight community of people who are committed to thriving during lockdown

Combo Offer

take your health & fitness to the next level – $69 /wk (LIMITED OFFER)

7 day gym studio trial class pass

If you want to take your health seriously in lockdown, this is for you.

By participating in daily live training sessions and the Ultimate Health Hacks, you will be setting yourself up for greater health than ever before.

This combo is for women who are not willing to let circumstances get in the way of the bigger picture. Health is for everyday life, and we need to fight for it. It’s not for convenience.

We can’t recommend this combo enough – it will have such a positive impact on your health and fitness.  That’s why we’re offering you this exclusive deal if you sign up to both packs today. 

trial our training

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  • Workout at Home
  • Range of Classes including Strength, Cardio, Abs , Technique & Mobility and Competition
  • Variety of Exercises & Programs
  • Accountability & Motivation
  • Daily Pre-Recorded Workouts
  • Great Group Vibe
  • Health Content & Resources
  • Expert Guidance & Support

Package Options


Unlimited Virtual Class Access

$49/per week
- Daily Home Workout Programs
Strength Programs, Cardio Fitness and Bonus Sessions
- Access to daily pre-recorded workouts
Unlimited Support via Facebook Community Group


Perfect Your Health Strategy

$49/per week
- Access to daily LIVE videos, health hacks and check-ins 5 x weekly
- Health Coaching expertise at your fingertips & daily Q&A
- ‘Upgrade the brain’ – brain optimisation hacks for the high performer
- Accountability Tracking
- Exclusive mentor-ship in a private Facebook forum
- A tight community of people who are committed to thriving during lockdown


Live Training Pack + Ultimate Health Hack Pack

$69/per week

(Usual price $98)

- Everything in Live Training Pack
- Everything in Ultimate Health Hack Pack
- Access to daily pre-recorded workouts
- Limited time lockdown offer

Meet the Trainer

Hi, my name’s Pippa. Nice to meet you!

I love working with women who feel frustrated by their current level of fitness and wellbeing and help them feel strong, confident and self-motivated. As a personal trainer and Meta Dynamics trained coach, I combine my expertise in human behaviour, fitness and health to help our members achieve their fitness goals, connect with what really matters to them, and learn how to become a more authentic and inspired version of themselves.

If there was ever a time when health, connection and inspiration truly matter, it’s NOW. This is a time that I think The Fitness Partnership can really help those who are looking for a like-minded and uplifting community. 

If any of this resonates with you, dive into do a 7 day free trial. I’d love to see you join us!

Absolutely no Lock In!

We understand that everyone’s situation is uncertain and unpredictable at the moment so you can have confidence that, whilst we may be ‘locked-down’, you are not ‘locked-in’ to a contract with us and can downgrade or cancel your package with just a week’s notice.  We’re here to help!

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Our 1:1 Personal Training service is available as usual but sessions will either take place outdoors or virtually with your very own health & fitness coach live in your living room.

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